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8:55 AM Wed, Oct. 17th

Letter: Question to the Tea Party

I will admit that I don't know all of your agendas nor do I understand all what the new health plan is about. But one point I understand very well and I'd like to ask all Tea Party supporters. Who is picking up the bill for the now non-insured people?

People with no insurance go to free clinics or get AHCCCS. That's not free; you and I pay for it with our taxes. You are not tired for picking up these bills?

You are against that all Americans must have health insurance. Why? If you know a person who has no insurance but gets sick, do you go over, take out your checkbook and say, "You poor woman/man, you have no insurance but I will pay for it? I don't think so! If health insurance is now required for all Americans, I am aware that it is hard for low-income families to buy it. The new plan will help them out. The new plan is only a few days old, so give it a chance. It is the right way in the right direction.

I only wish there was an official place in Kingman where people could get all the information they need to know.

Isabel Postelt,