Letter: Choosing none of the above

I always appreciate a respectful response to anything I have said or written. Thank you!

As I read your letter to the editor, I realized that I had left you with the impression that I just complain and do not vote. I do wish for you to know that I vote in every election that I qualify to vote in. I guess, however, to prove my theory, the local politicians would have to do something here that has been tested in other areas of the country. That would be to place a box for the voter to vote for none of the above candidates.

In some cases when this has been done, the voters soundly rejected all of those who were running for a given position. As a result, of course, those candidates were not allowed to run for that position again and some positions went unfilled for a time. I will maintain my position and believe that if such a selection were on the ballot for the City Council, you would have seen a higher voter turnout and quite possibly had several of those on the ballot removed from the running.

It may in some cases be better to have no politician in a position than the best of the worst or the worst of the worst. I'm sure that those who lived in Germany in the '30s and '40s, or those who live in Iraq, would agree with that.

Jerry Gardner