Letters: Liberals like other people's money

Marrion Steele wrote of pride in being a liberal - "not stingy, narrow or conservative," "marked by generosity and openhandedness." Note that there is no qualification as to the source of the generosity - too often the liberals in this country are very generous with the conservatives' money!

I am proud to be a conservative - "cautious, tending to resist change." Webster's dictionary (hard copy, not electronic) actually says "in favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs and against abrupt change." Too often the liberals rush into change without considering the cost, either in dollars or in the erosion of the personal freedoms on which this country was founded. In the past month, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors has acted in a very liberal manner (at what cost in dollars and personal freedoms?). As I write this, Congress is behaving in an ultraliberal manner (at what cost in dollars and personal freedoms?).

I personally like my husband's definition of liberal - someone who wants the best for everybody, but wants somebody else to pay for it!

Lee Anderson