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8:34 AM Fri, Oct. 19th

Column: Build a wall and Mexico will prosper

Mexico should really hate America. It's because of this country that Mexico remains a cesspool of existence for so many poor people. As enablers, the USA is most to blame for the corruption rampant throughout the government in Mexico and the continued violence creeping up toward our border.

Most Americans would agree that our federal government has completely dropped the ball on protecting our borders. Our government has failed us more than 10 million times, probably more, depending on who's counting the illegal immigrants in this country.

These trespassers have been allowed to take root in every state in America. Wherever there's jobs, there's illegal Mexicans, which explains why Kingman has so few compared to many other small cities throughout Arizona and beyond - we've got no jobs! Maybe the Chamber should use that slogan: Come to Kingman where no work means no illegal immigrants! It's catchy.

Because America has failed so miserably at protecting the border between us and Mexico, it's given Mexicans an option besides revolution. Instead of banding together to create equality and overthrow their corrupt government, the poor Mexican citizens have chosen Plan B, to risk death in a pilgrimage to the north. And America has provided that Plan B.

If the border was tightly closed, these illegals would have no other choice but to change their standing through revolution. Heck, they probably would have already thrown out the corrupt elements in their government and built a country similar to the one so many of them want to call home, the good old USA. Then it would actually be the Americans crossing the border to explore opportunities.

Believe me, Mexican officials are well aware that a revolution would occur if we ever truly secured our border. That's why they're so vocal when we talk about constructing a wall between our two countries. "You'll sever relations between our two countries! America will no longer be about freedom!" Hogwash! Don't ever believe a word of it. They like their government jobs, and they don't want to lose them.

The fact is, by allowing so many million trespassers into our country, the U.S. has not only hurt its citizens - less jobs, less resources, lost culture - it's hurt the poor people of Mexico as well. America has made certain that Mexico remains a second-class country, a country where a great many of its citizens refuse to band together to force change. Maybe they should come together and sue the American government for neglect.

Now, understand that I don't harbor any ill feelings toward the immigrants themselves. They are people, just like you and me, who want to better themselves and their meager existence. Most of us would do the same thing faced with no prospects for a future. If my only option to better my life or to feed my family is to go north over the border, well, I'm going to make that journey, over and over. Most of us would.

You can't blame the immigrants themselves, though amnesty is NOT a solution to this problem. They do not belong in this country. Period. If your neighbor one day decided to move into your yard, you'd kick his sorry butt out. You wouldn't let him build a house there, invite all his friends.

No, the illegals need to go. I'm actually hoping a byproduct of the recently-passed healthcare legislation will be identifying illegal immigrants when they show up at hospitals with no insurance. No insurance, the authorities get a call. No citizenship, ICE gets a call.

Someday, you'll thank us.