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1:58 PM Tue, Oct. 16th

Letter: Change can be found in the past

In response to "Proud to Be a Liberal," (March 16 Miner) the dictionary definitions and the politicians' definitions are worlds apart.

Both are words, just words. The difference is: the dictionary will always say the same words and the reader interprets its meaning as they see fit. The politician will, can and does say whatever they need to say whenever they think it's what they need to get your support or vote.

It doesn't matter what party you are with, we all have to look to the past, or, to paraphrase a portion of a quote, "... if we don't look at the mistakes of the past, we are doomed to repeat them."

I'm sure that President Kennedy would have taken back his "forward" thinking about the Bay of Pigs that led to the loss of 50,000-plus American lives in Vietnam. He should have looked "back" to his experiences in, and at, the history of World War II and what caused it to become a "world" war. It appears that he lost focus on, to quote you, "The welfare of the people."

Don't get me wrong, President Kennedy did great things, but he was, as they all are, a politician first and always.

As far as conservatives, the word definition remains and is also open to interpretation. If a conservative tends to maintain status quo, maybe it's because they are more cautious than a liberal. Their tendency to resist or oppose change is also a cautious stance, a "look before you leap" concept. In 2008, both the conservative and liberal voters wanted change for change alone and leaped before they thought.

I believe, as you do, "If we are to improve our lives, we have to accept change." However, we have to think the change through before accepting it, whatever "it" is.

A very close friend, not having my life experience, tends to want to do something without a lot of thought; kind of a "if it sounds good, do it," lifestyle. My experiences allow me to look into "it" using caution and the tendency to resist the need to blindly accept "it."

As a result, my friend has changed his mind and thanked me. On occasion, I have agreed with him and he again thanked me for my input. We use this methodology on projects, purchases or what "any" politician wanted or wants.

How many times have we been shown, by looking at the past, that comments of both liberal and conservative politicians' positions and statements change? They said one thing (in the past) and later said just the opposite. It's like they flip-flop so much that they can't keep their positions straight.

I started out with one political party, later changed, and now, after looking at the past, I have moved from "all" political parties. This indicates that you are correct.

"The only thing permanent in life is change." I have also learned, by looking forward and behind, that government works for us, not the other way around. I also find that we cannot convince government to police itself.

So, I find that, "We the people" only have one power, the power of the "Vote!"

Voting them all out is looking forward and behind ... for change.

Jim Benson

Golden Valley