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10:17 PM Sat, Feb. 23rd

Letter: Our 'leaders' are making us weak

There are two ideologies that have threatened our freedom, and they are fascism and communism. They are both alive and well in America. They are not in agreement with the path they take to reach their goal, but their goal remains the same - control, power and the absence of freedom and democracy.

Fascism is a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Fascists seek to organize a nation on corporatist perspectives, values and systems such as the political system and the economy. Fascists support a third way on economy policy which they believe superior to both the rampant individualism of capitalism and the severe control of state-run socialism.

They blame capitalism and liberal democracies for creating class conflict and accuse communists of exploiting the concept. Fascists accuse liberalism and Marxism both for having created anarchy.

Fascism has repeatedly been confused with Nazism which is a political platform that embraces a combination of military dictatorship, socialism and fascism. It is not a government structure. Run with oppressive and dictatorial control, such fascist countries seek to gain power through violence and ruthlessness such as national socialism.

A communist is a member of the communist party and a socialist is an advocate of the communist party.

Socialism/Communism - A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order. The Marxist-Leninist version of communist doctrine advocates the overthrow of capitalism.

In the depression-era America of the 1930s, many people joined the Communist Party because it seemed to be sympathetic to the needs and desires of the worker rather than to the bosses.

Communism as practiced by Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao sets up an authoritarian government with the best goods and services going to those in the government. Even today, it is not uncommon in Soviet Russia for people to vie for government jobs - not because they are fans of communism, but because they can live better than the rest of the people. Non-government employees, seniors and the rest of the people spend much of their time just trying to survive. Communist government members tend to rationalize that they deserve the best because they govern the people.

Look at China, North Korea, Cuba and other communist countries. The government workers live well and the rest of the country is poor without proper medical care (government-run) and food. The wealth is distributed among themselves, not the people. You cannot get ahead in a communist country.

They don't want you to.

The beauty of capitalism is that we all have opportunity. Looking at the current administration, you can define socialism as way too much power in our federal government. In current Russia, if you don't follow the law of the land, you will pay a price, and this administration seems to have adopted that policy. If you don't follow the law of the land and do what is mandated by the administration, you will pay the price. The handwriting is on the wall - be vigilant. Several months ago, this administration discussed hiring a national police to guard the White House, which is not uncommon in a communist government. They are not listening to the people.

I fought against communism in Korea. The South did not want the communist North to invade their nation. They did and the United States lost 54,200 men and women, plus MIAs, POWs and the wounded, not to forget the tremendous losses with other countries and South Korea. It was not a "victory win" but instead a cease-fire, however, South Korea has retained its freedom.

Prior to 1954, Vietnam was French Indo-China. March 13 to May 7, 1954, was the battle of Dien Bien Phu in which the French were overrun by the North and South, and the French fled Vietnam. The communist North came down to the South to take over everything. There were several battles and again the U.S. forces along with other nations were called upon to fight communism. Again we lost more than 50,000 men and women. Thanks to our politicians, we lost the battle and the North overran the South, and the country is communist.

My point - we have fought and suffered enormous losses over communism, and now we are watching our administration strip away the very freedoms that we have fought so hard for in the past. Our forefathers fought for this freedom that we now enjoy. We cannot let a handful of politicians take this away.

Before embracing the ideology of this administration, check out the facts. It is not just the healthcare plan, just watch and listen. A communist-controlled government does not want to rule a nation of strength; it is better for them if their constituents remain weakened. They are stripping us of our rights and making us weak.

Once we get weak, it will be hard to get back up.

William Gilfoil