P&Z moves ahead with electronic billboard regs

KINGMAN - The Kingman Planning and Zoning Commission has decided to push forward with a recommendation on placing new restrictions on electronic billboards within the city limits.

Commissioners on Tuesday voted unanimously to recommend approval of a text amendment that, if passed by City Council, would establish brightness, placement and display regulations on billboards that use electronic message display technology.

The vote came despite commissioners' earlier stated desire to meet with Council to discuss what kinds of restrictions councilmembers were interested in imposing.

Both P&Z and Council spent much of the first half of the year resolving their philosophical differences over placing new regulations on LED business signs.

Last month, Council ultimately decided to scrap several of P&Z's recommendations for the signs, including limits on animation and minimum message duration.

But commissioners on Tuesday opted to include those limits in their proposed amendment for off-premises billboards. They recommended a minimum display time of eight seconds for billboards - double their original recommendation for on-premise LED signs, with the justification that any shorter duration would prove distracting to people traveling along Kingman's billboard corridors, namely Interstate 40.

In a twist, commissioners also recommended allowing limited transitional animations on electronic billboards, such as fading and scrolling - something even many Las Vegas highway billboards don't currently support.

Commissioners also agreed to reduce the 1,200-foot minimum distance recommendation between electronic billboards, dropping it to just 600 feet. The current minimum distance between standard billboards and tri-vision signs is 300 feet.