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10:16 AM Sun, Dec. 16th

Letter: It's time to resign, Mr. Guillot

The Fair Committee has as its chairman, Jim Guillot, who by the way is also chairman of the Mohave County Fair Association. Some of the other committee members are Viola Guillot (Jim's mom); Peggy Guillot (Jim's sister-in-law); John Guillot (Jim's brother); and a paid employee, John Guillot Sr. (Jim's father). Does anyone else see any problem or possible conflict of interest here? No wonder we can't get anything new accomplished. Maybe we should change the name of our annual Mohave County Fair to the "Guillot Family Affair."

The latest election meeting for the Fair Committee was a total waste of valuable time. As the Miner reported in October, there was no communication among the committee members prior to that meeting. It was so bad, the committee members didn't have any idea that one of their own committee members, Ray Lyons, had already resigned from the committee. Please don't get me wrong, there are some very active, use-oriented members on that committee, but they are outnumbered, out-voted and not listened to.

I was totally embarrassed and could not believe it when the committee ignored and discredited anything County Supervisor Gary Watson had to say to them. I think Jim Guillot has forgotten that the fairgrounds are owned by Mohave County, NOT the Fair Association.

What happened at that meeting, and was presented as an election meeting, was a total disgrace. The elections held at that meeting should be considered null and void based on the revised (March, 2010) bylaws of the Mohave County Fair Association (Article II - section 2 - Membership Rights) which states, "Each membership in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on any and all issues."

I also think Jim Guillot (and some Board members) have forgotten that the original Articles of Incorporation of the Mohave County Fair Association, Inc. (June 1986) specify that the intent of that corporation is "to promote the general interests of Mohave County, to conduct a fair, to conduct shows, entertainments, race meets, and other functions to disseminate information to the residents of the county and the persons interested in the various industries of Mohave County, and to do any and all things calculated to stimulate an intelligent interest in the industries now conducted in Mohave County or which may be developed in Mohave County."

I don't think the citizens of Kingman see this current board doing any of the above! In fact, I have recently talked to numerous citizens who have been run off from using the fairgrounds, forced to move their events to alternative event centers, usually outside Kingman city limits and outside of Mohave County. How does that stimulate our local economy?

James Guillot, I think you owe it to Kingman and Mohave County to step down as chairman of both the Fair Committee and the Fair Association Board of Directors. This would remove the arguments, local conflicts, embarrassments, stale ideas, stale events, no activities, no benefits, family members (including paid ones as employees) and conflicts of interest.

The Fair Association Board meets the second Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Fair Office. Officers are elected annually for the period of one year. Directors are elected by the Associate Membership at the annual meeting, which is the second Monday in January. Next year, the Annual Meeting will be held Jan. 10, 2011.

If you need an application to become an Associate Member, the dues are $10 single/$15 per family - and I can get an application to you, just call me at (928) 718- 1815.

It's time for a change!

Monica J. Busch