Letter of Thanks: A special "Thank you" to our sponsors

On Thanksgiving Day, Redneck's Southern Pit BBQ and St. Mary Catholic Church provided a Thanksgiving dinner to local residents. It was a heart-warming feeling to see moms and dads with their children and our elderly all enjoying themselves, including many who would have spent this day alone.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to this worthy cause. The generosity of this community only proves that we can come together through these tough economic times and help one another.

A special "Thank you" to our sponsors: A-1 Chiropractic, Kingman Regional Medical Center, Rainbow Diner, Kingman Furniture, John Kirby and family of The Lingenfelter Center, Patrons of Redneck's and the parish members of St. Mary's Catholic Church.

To all the volunteers who helped serve, prepare and clean throughout the day, thank you. Please accept my apology in advance if I forgot to include or misspelled your name: Ike and Gloria Stevens; Debbie, Whitney and Hunter Zeldin; Betty and Ron Sliva; Joanne Marquez; Nancy and Mike Kotanain; Paul Wright; Michael Henderson; The Roddy Family; The Velez Family; Terry Jacque; Vilma Weigand; Ali Ranney; Barb Dorf; The Valenzuela Family; Virginia Smith; Rob and Sasha Webster; Chris Taylor; Mary Smith; Anthony Taylor of the Kiwanis Club; Joyce Mollenhauer; Steve Jones; the Franco Family; Arlene Potash; Tim Jones; the Grandoff Family; Diana Alley; Naqui Cwaya; St. Mary's Youth Group; and Boy Scout Troop 145.

Thank you. May God Bless you Redneck's Floyd Family - Luke 6:38.

Jerry Carreiro, St. Mary's,