Letter: Everyone came through - except DPS

On Dec. 21, right after work I shopped at Walmart then headed home to Golden Valley. As you might remember, it was pouring rain and I got soaked putting my parcels into my Mountaineer.

On the way up Coyote Pass my vehicle lost power and I coasted to the right shoulder. Fortunately, I've had AAA for a number of years, so that was my first call. My second call was to my mechanic, who works out of his home, to make sure he was there, and to put my name at the top of his list to use his loaner.

I would like to thank AAA for its prompt action and concern, and Mike's Towing of Kingman for even heating up the cab of his truck so I could thaw out. You both went beyond the call of duty to help.

AAA suggested they should call Department of Public Safety since I was alone, a female, and a senior citizen. I declined. When AAA called me back to be sure I was OK and again suggested DPS, I agreed.

They called again to say that the DPS operator, Badge No. 5380, had been extremely non-cooperative and hung up before giving the required case information. Does this instill confidence in the DPS for my safety? I'll leave you to decide.

Frances Barnum

Golden Valley