Letter: City votes itself some perks

I cannot believe the city of Kingman closed down for two days, Dec. 23 and 24, and called this a paid holiday when no such holiday exists. The City Council voted this in to pay themselves out of the taxpayers' pockets to take off two days. The banks and post offices were open. When I called I was told that they did this because they have not gotten a raise. Well, boo hoo! Senior citizens have not gotten their measly raise for two years.

I would like to see some tax dollars go to work to repair roads and possibly pave these disgusting dirt roads in the city, but I suppose an invented paid vacation is more important. We need a new mayor. Come on people of Kingman, wise up to where your tax dollars are going! The Council sits in a meeting and of course votes themselves in all kinds of perks.

Barbara Burley