Nature: Donate mounts to Arizona Hunter Education

Today I'm going to ask those that read this column to make a donation.

No, I'm not asking for money. Instead, I'm coming to you with my hat in my hand to ask you to donate your small- or big-game mounts that you may have in the garage to Arizona hunter education.

As the recently appointed master instructor for the Arizona Hunter Education program in Mohave County, one of my jobs is to make sure the hunter education programs in Kingman, Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City are fully staffed and have all the teaching aids they need.

While Game and Fish is going to provide many of the things we need to teach youngsters, something that you can help us with is mounts of animals. I mean everything from birds to rabbits and even big-game animals such as deer, javelina, antelope and elk.

At this time, the Kingman team has a few deer heads that were donated to us a long time ago. Sadly, the antlers on these mounts are coming loose and they need to be replaced.

I have a couple of squirrels that look more like roadkill than the real thing. I've got one Canada goose and a few ducks, but unfortunately, all are in a state of disrepair.

We use these mounts to show the kids in our classes what wildlife really looks like, and on field day, we put them out there for the kids to try and find and identify.

Now you might not think these critters are important; but to me and our staff, they really are. It helps us teach and that is what hunter education is all about. We are trying to teach the youngsters to be lawful, ethical sportsmen and women, and these items are important to accomplish that mission.

Now your old mounts don't have to be in tip-top condition for us to use them.

I will take just about anything you have, as they are probably in better condition than what we have now.

If you'd like to make a donation of a mount to the Arizona Hunter Education program, give me a call at (928) 681-4867.

Oh, if you have some old binoculars lying around, we could use them too!