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9:50 AM Fri, Dec. 14th

Letter: Poll results were unsettling

The recent poll on The Kingman Daily Miner Web site upset me. The question was, "Some readers have told the Miner that there aren't enough 'good news' stories in the paper. Do you agree?" A standing result of 80 percent do agree.

Personally, I respect the Miner very much. The paper brings true local news, not propaganda. The area of Mohave County isn't as exciting as the area of Los Angeles or Phoenix. If a front-page story in the Miner seems dull, that means there was nothing bigger to report on at the time. Residents of Mohave County should take comfort in that there is a new set of reports every day when they pick up this paper, exciting or not. Also, a year's worth of a daily newspaper contains much more information than a weekly newspaper. Even if 7-year-old Sally getting an A on her spelling test is front-page news, I welcome it. The daily update of local life is what I'm looking for when I pick up this paper, not exaggerated or misleading reports made to spice things up.

I applaud the staff of the Miner for their hard digging. Thank you all for your speedy and honorable reporting.

David Sorg