Letter: Thank you for the thoughts and packages.

Thank you for the thoughts and packages. I received two of the three this evening. I thank you and all who put time and effort into receiving and packaging them. It was very nice and unexpected!

Inside one of the boxes was a bunch of letters from some students at an elementary school; I'm not sure how to contact them. I would like to send a letter back to the school. I won't be able to respond to every letter written but with my mother's help (Sharon Wood), I will talk her into taking the letter I write into the school and maybe she can read the letter in my behalf. I will work those details out later.

This is my personal e-mail so I can be contacted here at any time. I would like to be able to send pictures of some things out here. I don't know if you know him, but I have sent a few e-mails to a Patriot Rider named Richard Tromba. He is a good guy who helped organize a PGR ride for me before I departed. I am thinking that the next e-mail I send out with pictures I will attach you as well and they can be shared with others.

Thank you again for the packages and thoughts. The thoughts are returned!

Justin McNeley

Response back:

Hello Justin

It is good to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the packages we sent over. You will be receiving another soon as we ship the next ones out on Jan. 22. The students from third grade (Miss Henick) at Cerbat Elementary enjoyed writing the letters. They were very excited. The children would love for Sharon to come in and read a letter on your behalf. We would love to receive any pictures you have, and of course would love to have a picture of you. Yes, I do know of Richard Tromba, he has done a lot for the PGR. You can e-mail us any time or send a letter - we would love to hear from you. Take care and remember you are thought of always. Your friends here in Kingman are very proud of you!

Jessica Swaine

Veterans Affairs

K.O.T.P NonProfit Inc.