Letter: You showed a lack of respect

Thank you so much, Mr. Walker, for writing your column in Sunday's Daily Miner. After reading it, Supervisor Sockwell's "you people" diatribe appears mild in comparison. Your continual derogatory use of the term "naturalized immigrant" not only is a slap at Mr. Zanna, it is an insult to all the good citizens that emigrated legally to this country to become productive citizens.

Mr. Zanna came through the "front door," and in order to do so, he had to learn our language, our political system, and pledge to support and defend his new country's Constitution. I would think that Mr. Zanna's knowledge of our Constitution is much better than a high percentage of those of us privileged to have been born here and lived all our lives in this magnificent country. And by the way, you also poke fun at Mr. Zanna's English, and actually compare him to the terrorist McVeigh. Just how low can you go, Mr. Walker? If you are an example of the leadership of Mohave County, perhaps the accusations leveled at you and our supervisors isn't too far off target.

You mention your service in the U.S. Navy. I too was privileged to serve four years in the same service, and judging from your arrogant column, you remind me of some punk junior officer that knew it all just out of officer candidate school. You talk about obedience to the law, but some laws are open to interpretation, and according to constitutional lawyers outside this jurisdiction, ARS 11-410, concerning prohibition of handing out literature on county property, is not a cut-and-dried ruling and can be interpreted differently from your interpretation.

Either way, Mr. Walker, until the Arizona Attorney General rules on the correct interpretation of ARS 11-410, I would suggest you show some respect to the citizens of this county. Mr. Zanna has always addressed his grievances with respect, but it seems this administration doesn't feel it necessary to respond in kind. The citizens of this great county are tired of the disdain shown to us. I would hope that the civics teachers in our county's high schools will read your column to their respective classes to demonstrate how out-of-control officials react when citizens try to exercise their constitutional rights.

I think you will find in the coming days and months ahead, the "lunatic fringe" you accuse Mr. Zanna of being a member of, is a lot more "mainstream" than you realize and that you and the present administration will be hearing a lot more from us "lunatics."

Mike Bihuniak