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9:16 PM Thu, Feb. 21st

The job is not going to find you! So what are you going to do about it?

Try these five techniques to look for and get a new job! Know that this process can take six months or longer depending on how much time and effort you put into it.

1. Attend every networking, industry event you can. Ask everyone you know what organizations they belong to and start meeting people. The more people you meet the more opportunities you will find. You will know what is in demand in the market and how your skills match up.

2. Call and e-mail past bosses/co-workers. This is how I got my current job! I e-mailed someone I used to work for, we got on the phone, I told her what I wanted, she knew someone at a great company, and then she sent my resume. Two months later I started working for an amazing company! The key is to know and communicate EXACTLY what you want in a job!

3. Read Entrepreneur magazine to get ideas. I absolutely love this magazine. If you commit to reading something on a monthly basis, make sure this is it. It really inspires you to improve your skills, and it educates you on how the business world is constantly evolving. And who knows, maybe the hot new companies that are featured are in your town...start knocking on doors. By the way, knocking on doors is exactly how I got my first job at the age of 19. Yeah, they might have thought I was weird, but it gave me an advantage when I graduated to have over two years of experience.

4. Read The New Job Search by a personal friend and mentor of mine! I used to work for her five years ago and I learned so much about myself as well as how to work in Corporate America. P.S. She connected me to the job I have today...check out her blog and order her book today

5. Start your own company! This might just be the time to start your own thing. What have you always wanted to do? Now why haven't you started? I'm sure it's because of money and time. Well, try and figure out a way to start with little or no investment. If you still can't start, at least write down your idea(s) so when you are able to begin you will have all your ducks in a row.