Letter: Citizens should be stunned

After Supervisor Tom Sockwell's irrational display recently, this follow-up letter by Country Manager Ron Walker is rather shocking. Mr. Walker, there is so much in your letter that is false and defamatory, I will do my best to just highlight some points. You apparently have absolutely ignored everything about the facts regarding ARS 11-410, and just restating falsifications regarding ARS 11-410 does not change the facts. Your "interpretation" of the law is meaningless. You are very late to this debate, as constitutional attorneys have even weighed in, stating that the county was clearly in violation by censoring citizens and by allowing McCain to use a county facility to influence his political agenda.

The law states that ARS 11-410 prohibits the use of county resources or employees to influence elections. In addition, members of your board and a county attorney have already admitted that there is, of course, no law that selectively prohibits our 1st Amendment rights in our county building; specifically during our town hall meeting with Sen. McCain, and specifically when McCain and his staff were allowed to do what they wanted while we were censored. This would be an example you, yourself, used of "picking and choosing laws they like to enforce."

You are now calling us derogatory names and saying we are over-zealous and negative because we are not staying quiet when we were denied our 1st Amendment rights at our town hall meeting, when it is very clear that we had every right to peacefully pass out McCain's voting record.

You also said "Our naturalized citizen seems to believe that free speech law allows anyone to say what they want, when they want and how they want. He needs some more study on that issue. Try espousing your free speech rights from the balcony of the U.S. Congress or state Legislature. Even better, try it with a gun on your hip." Your disdain for the town's "token legal immigrant" is obvious by that remark. Mr. Walker, it seems you are the one who needs more study on the issue of free speech. Yes, you can espouse your opinions in this county, if you are a law-abiding citizen, even with a gun on your hip. We are an open carry state.

You and your board have openly and arrogantly broken constitutional laws regarding ARS 11-410 and our constitutional rights. You have now taken this to an even lower level that is grossly negligent and defamatory, which brings me to the most egregious aspect of your letter. Mr. Walker, you have audaciously and publicly likened my husband to a terrorist, a "local person who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building" and have called him a "lunatic fringe" several times in your letter. You have not merely crossed the line with this public assault, you have pole-vaulted over it. Needless to say, you have insolently discarded any apology option by doing what you have done, instead you have chosen to launch a reckless defamation of character attack against Luca.

Citizens of this county should read your letter and be absolutely stunned that you are in charge of managing our community and tax dollars.

Bridget Langston

Golden Valley