Letter: 'Secret letter-writer' forgot the facts

I was quite surprised at the letter referring to the "good ol' boys" in Valle Vista that was published in last Sunday's Miner. I don't know why our community's laundry needed to be aired to all of Mohave County, but I am willing to answer the coward who wrote this letter. I am not a board member, but I stand with them.

No matter what the person who wrote the letter thinks, the current board is the one calling for the increase. The board has looked at what has happened to our community over the past 30 or so years and decided it needs to stop. Blame can be put in many places, but we would go on forever pointing fingers.

This board just wants to find a fix. This board stands on it's own! This board does not want Valle Vista to remain the same. Remaining the same could spell the end to our community as we know it. The few facts our secret letter-writer has looked at are wrong. This is probably the same person who secretly put fliers with faulty information on cars the night of the special dues increase meeting.

Our letter-writer is right. The golf course takes up a huge part of the budget for the community. What secret letter-writer fails to mention is that a portion of this increase was to be used for better management of the golf course to make it a much more viable product.

Obviously, secret letter-writer does not use any facilities here. Obviously, our letter writer just doesn't get what the golf course means to property values. They would prefer to use misleading numbers and accusations to get their point across. Obviously, secret letter-writer has not gone door to door to explain his/her position as several supporters have. Why? Because secret letter-writer must remain secret.

I could go on and on. However, it would take much more space than you will allow me. The secret letter-writer's next-to-last paragraph pretty much spells out his mindset. They just don't get it. Let's sweep it all under the rug like it didn't happen. Bankruptcy, town, village? What is secret letter-writer thinking?

Many people in Valle Vista don't like the new proposed rate increase. I know who many of them are because they don't hide behind an anonymous letter, they speak out. They have my respect. Heck, my wife is against the raise, but we know better than to debate it.

I love living in Valle Vista and will continue to help make it a better community. I would like to see the increase pass, but if it doesn't, it doesn't. People who voted against it will not be my enemy, they will still be my friends. Well, except for you, secret letter-writer. You need to "Man Up," "Get A Pair," "Grow Some," or ... well, you get the drift. Until then I hold you in the highest contempt.

Rick Veradt