Thank You Golden Valley Fire Department and L and D Truck Repair

I am a single, disabled mother of two young girls. Our family pet crawled under our home and died. Not only was this upsetting due to the mourning of our beloved pet, but when it turned into a month-long process in handling the situation, it became almost unbearable.

Due to my physical limitations, I needed assistance in removing our dog only to find that there is not an agency that does this kind of work. Feeling very frustrated at the fact that I did just pay my tax bill and could find no agency funded by my tax dollars to provide assistance to me, I happened across an off-duty firefighter from the Golden Valley Fire Department. I explained all I had been through and he explained that although my tax dollars didn't fund the Golden Valley Fire Department, tax dollars did. With great compassion and sympathy, he offered to assist in the removing of our dog.

My daughters and I offer a big, heartfelt thank you to this man as he went above and beyond his duty to help our family. To think that he drove to another town after work to help us because there was not anything here. The residents of Golden Valley are lucky to have such a dedicated man at their service.

I also want to say thank you to L and D Truck Repair.

Casey Nogales,