Section of road to Skywalk completed

GRAND CANYON WEST - The first phase of paving Diamond Bar Road, the road leading to Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk, is now completed. The Hualapai Tribe, with cooperation from Mohave County Public Works, has successfully paved 4.5 miles - nearly one-third of the previously unpaved 14-mile stretch of road.

Diamond Bar Road is owned by Mohave County and is the primary access road to Grand Canyon West. The first phase of the project cost $7.5 million, which was paid for by the Hualapai Tribe. The second phase of paving is expected to go out to bid in the spring and cost $40 million, which will also be financed by the Hualapai Tribe and possibly government grants.

Mohave County Public Works is regularly maintaining the remaining unpaved driving surface of Diamond Bar Road until the road is completely paved.

"Paving Diamond Bar has been a long time in the making. Years even.

It's a big relief to us and our visitors," said Chairman of the Hualapai Tribe Wilfred Whatoname Sr. "The completion of this first section of road was a highly anticipated step to increase safety and accessibility to Grand Canyon West."

"Once projects like the (Diamond Bar Road) and the Hoover Dam Bypass are done, it will significantly reduce travel time. In most cases it will shorten the trip by up to two hours round-trip. The new segment of paved road already saves visitors 30 minutes," said Robert Bravo Jr., general manager of Grand Canyon West.

The Diamond Bar Road project started more than 12 years ago. The reconstruction and paving of the road began in May.