Letter: Shelters need your help now

I operate a no-kill shelter for dogs called Have-a-Heart. During these difficult times, donations have slowed down. I am asking the citizens of Mohave County to help the shelter of your choice in any way you can, whether it be Mutt Matchers, H.A.L.T., R.U.F.F.F., Have-a-Heart, Luv of Paws or any of the others. Any help you can give would be appreciated by all of them.

No-kill shelters cost quite a bit to maintain and receive no help from any government agency. They can only exist by the generosity of the people.

The word "dog" spelled backwards if "God." A dog looks to its owner as a master, just as we look to our God as our master. Please, have your pet neutered or spayed. It will keep unwanted animals off the streets and in loving homes. Any love you give a dog is given back a hundred times over. Most shelters have fundraisers from time to time. Please help in these.

Have-a-Heart Kennels is in the process of expanding its facilities and any help in materials or labor would be appreciated. Have-a-Heart Kennels can be reached at Box 6722, Kingman, AZ 86402 or by phone at (928) 757-8678. At this present time, our facilities are at their maximum. We are trying for more modern facilities.

Port Solley,