Letter: Forget who you work for?

Mr. Sockwell, I found your laughable attempt to label me a hippy wingnut who thinks he's above the law, to be borderline libelous.

I am a law-abiding citizen, registered Republican, who believes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights before any party. If to exercise our First Amendment in Mohave County means to be an outlaw, well, then I am a proud to be one. Sheriff Sheahan was witness to the infamous day of the McCain town hall meeting. I was always polite and respectful, doing the same thing McCain campaign staff were doing on OUR county property ... exercising our First Amendment.

Supervisor Sockwell, you say in your letter: "I talked to Zanna on Nov. 3 regarding an issue, yet today he claims he hasn't talked to any of us."

Sir, the McCain town hall was held Nov. 13. How could I have talked to you on Nov. 3 about something that hadn't happened yet? It just proves that you are not only arrogant, you also don't get your facts straight. And by the way, you talked to me about "an issue?" Can you please share with all of us what the issue was? Now, I'm curious.

Mr. Sockwell, you say in your letter: "Arizona Revised Statute 11-410 forbids use of county 'personnel, equipment, materials, buildings or other resources for the purpose of influencing the outcomes of elections.'"

Exactly! You used county resources and personnel to promote McCain's re-election bid. Also, ARS 11-410 was legislated for the "County and its employees" ... and was not intended for the purpose of denying Arizona residents their First Amendment rights.

Don't forget that county policy and position cannot override the 1st and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution, amendments that respectively protect freedom of speech and equal protection under the law. It's the same Constitution you took an oath to defend when you took office.

Supervisor Sockwell, you say in your letter: "Zanna was told before the last Board meeting that the Arizona Open Meeting Law states that only agenda items can be discussed. He ignored the information and broke the Open Meeting Law as he believes he is above the law." Sir, if you or any of the other supervisors or county attorney had the decency to return one of my calls, e-mails and attempts to communicate during the last month, I would not have resorted to what I did. If somebody broke the law, it was you. According to Article 2, Section 2 of the Arizona Constitution: "All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights." You forgot that you work for the people, and you're supposed to protect our individual rights and not use your position and office to pander for a party agenda and/or for Sen. McCain.

And to end your pathetic attempt to smear my person and honor, here you say: "Does he think all people with dark hair who don't speak English very well should be stopped on the street and ordered to produce their papers?"

If this was not so serious, I would laugh. First, I remind you that I don't speak English very well myself, since I was once a legal immigrant. And my hair is dark too.

Please, for the respect of the office you hold, refrain yourself in attempts to smear with lies and distorted facts your constituents who pay for the bread you eat.

Luca Zanna

Golden Valley