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10:10 PM Thu, Dec. 13th

Letter:It's time to wake up, America

During a time of war, if the president or any member of the armed forces informs its enemy where and when its next battle would be, including a pullout time, that would be considered as aiding and abetting the enemy. This is exactly what President Obama has done relative to our fight in Afghanistan. This is clearly an impeachable offense. Therefore, we the people of the republic of the United States of America should call for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama.

It took Russia more than 10 years in Afghanistan to learn their lesson, that you cannot change the Afghani because their culture has been unchanged for hundreds of years. I honestly believe that these people would return to their ancient culture whether we stay in Afghanistan for one year or 20 years. It is not worth one American life or one taxpayer dime. In one recent photo, it showed a group of terrorists celebrating the firing of General McChrystal, in shouting sprees and shooting of their AKs in the air in jubilance.

Please vote these pseudo intellectuals out of office before they can do more harm and damage to our great country than they already have.

Ray Cordell

Golden Valley