Thanks: To Dr. Azher of Hualapai Mountain Medical Center

To the people of Kingman with urological needs.

I have been blessed to find a physician who is patient-oriented and places their needs first. Dr. Azher is located in Bullhead City and has an office in Kingman every Wednesday. He provides patient care at Hualapai Mountain Medical Center.

Last Wednesday, I was diagnosed with a large kidney stone and the emergency room physician spoke with my local urologist. The urologist ignored my situation and requested that I come in in four weeks, even after I requested that I be seen the next day as I was symptomatic with bleeding. I am a diabetic and the urologist was aware of my medical history, so I was concerned with the lack of interest in my well-being.

I had to take my husband to the airport in Las Vegas the next day, and I developed an acute medical event related to my kidney stone requiring a 911 response. I was taken to a local Las Vegas hospital and was taken to surgery for removal of a 7 mm stone that was obstructing my urine flow, a situation that could have cost me my kidney function altogether. The surgery required a stent placement in my kidney that extended to my bladder that would require removal in 48 to 72 hours.

After I was home, I called my local urologist once again to tell of the events that had occurred. To my surprise, my urologist was not willing to see me for the stent removal without the records from the Las Vegas hospital - and then I could make an appointment. All of which would have been easier to achieve in the urologist's office that day.

I called Dr. Azher, who was readily available to meet my needs and realized the seriousness of the situation without hesitation. My records were obtained by his kind office staff and I was cared for in the highest professional manner I have received in Kingman. I have found the type of doctor I have been looking for, and needless to say I will no longer require the service of my previous urologist.

Marie Gauthier