Letter: We must work to make change

As long as we stay divided along party lines, we will all fail!! There are some basic truths that must be addressed:

1. We cannot sustain our current federal spending. This practice of spending will bankrupt this country.

2. The federal government must be reduced in size. We have too many federal departments/agencies/employees. This is an outrageous perpetual burden on our economy, and many agencies should be at the state level.

3. Our representatives have sold us out. They are living like royalty, our laws do not pertain to them, and they only answer to those they can benefit from. I sure would love to have their retirement plan!

4. The states have lost their power within this union. We need to read the Constitution again and redistribute government power back to the way it is supposed to be.

We have no choice. We must ride out this administration. While we are doing this, we need to push our states to regain their rightful place in this union. We need to replace our representatives with grassroots people, common folk who want to work together, outside the party lines. What is the measure of Congress, how many bills they pass, how many recesses they take, or needless trips, or benefits they can get? I want someone who comes up with ideas, who will stand up and tell people what they think, open to criticism and able to modify their stance on an issue based on the people they represent. Yeah, not a politician!

I want someone who does not plan on making a career in Congress (let's help them by passing term limitations.) I was hoping that the Tea Party would be the start. They are there, working for some of these ideals, but they do not have the leadership and organization to sustain themselves. Maybe this will change, but it will need to be soon. Obama has shown what happens when a person who is not qualified to be president gets elected. How many more times will he act against the popular opinions of the country? He is moving further left on almost every decision he makes, trying to hang on to the Democrats, but he is losing support.

Don't think of calling my criticism racist. If I could, I would have supported Condoleezza Rice for president! Like it or not, Arizona is leading the way in taking back our rights. We have some very strong patriots in our state and they need our support! We should be pointing our fingers at the "sanctuary cities" (let's start passing out maps to these places). We need to ridicule those boycotting us. We need to stand together and forge ahead. Other states will follow, as we've seen already.

Maybe this hopey-changey thing will work!

Paul De Nubilo