Letter: Don't cast your vote for Communism

In response to Floyd and Mary Beth Smith's recent column in the Miner, their article is so true that it's scary. Many of us remember Castro as a charismatic rebel that was going to make big changes in the Cuban government. His cause was supposed to free the people from a capitalistic dictator. For the good of the people. They cheered him and he was revered by all. Look what has happened. For those that are not familiar, read your history. Use the Internet (if Obama has not already changed it) and find out what really happened in Cuba. We cannot totally relate to this because we had a strong insight into what Obama was all about and still voted him into office, whereas the Cuban people did not know that much about Castro's background.

If you look back at Obama's campaign, you can see that it was built on lies. Oh yes, he got his healthcare through with bribery. And, he has now appointed a director that appears to have come right out of the Communist training manual. He will run the program as he wants and Obama will do what he does best: sit back and let him do it. If you haven't noticed, he only gets involved in things that personally upset him, for example, the Arizona immigration law.

How do we become a Communist nation? Simple! Let the government run our lives. Our whole economy is in shambles. We have had recessions before at the same time we were in a military conflict. We eventually came out of it on our own as we were a very strong nation at one time.

It appears that Obama is going to make sure that we don't come out of this one. The stimulus is just more to add to our deficit and create more problems.

Bankruptcy will have to happen before they can ram their Communism down our throats and we are on that threshold now. The well-connected and politically powerful will survive, of course. What do we do? Depend on the government that has become a culture of corruption. A government built on lies, and they don't seem to care if they get caught in those lies, and a government that will use violent groups like the new Black Panthers to enforce their rules of law. A lot of households will still have their guns, but there will be no ammunition for them. What do we do?

Just think when you go to vote in November and in 2012; vote for your continued freedom and liberty. Don't vote for Communism.

William Gilfoil