Excessive heat warning issued

KINGMAN - The transition from too cold for the patio after dark to too hot for the patio before sunset has been fairly rapid in the Kingman area.

The National Weather Service thinks that's important.

The service has issued an excessive heat warning for much of the desert Southwest, including Kingman, with temperatures expected to reach triple digits through the early part of this week. For veterans of the region, that's not particularly hot, but it does deserve a cautious attitude toward being outdoors simply because it's getting hot before residents have become acclimated, according to the NWS.

To that end, the NWS offers standard advice, such as limiting your time outdoors during daylight hours, and then only early in the day if that's possible. Drink lots of liquids (lay off the booze) and wear light-colored clothing outdoors, and keep a close eye on your pets and get them indoors in the heat of the day.

The heat wave comes after a cooler-than-normal April and May, when temperatures often were more typical of March.

The high in Kingman topped out at 62 degrees on May 23 and has inched up since then, with the area hitting 90 degrees for the first time this year on May 31.

The last freeze occurred on April 30, when the thermometer dropped to 30 degrees, but Kingman had a low of 36 as recently as May 25.

The forecast high for today is 101. Monday might be the hottest at 103, with forecasts of 99 on Tuesday and 94 on Wednesday.