Johnson's 'foreign aid' plan OK'd by supervisors

Proposal may be sent to Legislature, association

KINGMAN - If Board of Supervisors Chairman Buster Johnson has his way, the county could get some of the funds it spends on social services and incarceration costs for illegal immigrants back from the federal government.

Johnson proposed the idea during Monday's Board of Supervisors meeting. He suggested that the federal government could deduct the cost of providing services to illegal immigrants from the foreign aid the U.S. sends to the countries that some illegal immigrants come from.

"Why should we continue to pay all these foreign countries and provide assistance to their residents here?" Johnson asked.

"That's an interesting process to use to recoup our costs," said Supervisor Gary Watson, who asked how the county would send invoices to other countries?

County Manager Ron Walker suggested submitting the suggestion to both the Arizona Legislature and to the County Supervisors Association.

Supervisor Tom Sockwell suggested coordinating with other counties as well as the Legislature.

The Board passed the resolution 3-0 and directed staff to look into submitting it to the Legislature and CSA.