Man gets probation for assault on a Girl Scouts leader

David Stade says he was having a seizure at the time

KINGMAN - An epileptic man who said a seizure caused him to assault a Girl Scouts leader while her troop sold cookies was sentenced to a year of probation Monday.

David Paul Stade, 49, of Colorado pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for hitting a 27-year-old troop leader in front of the Flying J truck stop on Andy Devine Avenue in March 2008.

The troop leader had confronted Stade after she thought he was acting suspicious and following the girls as they sold cookies to customers at the truck stop. The woman was hit several times and suffered a chipped tooth and a black eye.

Several people who saw the confrontation restrained Stade until police arrived. He also allegedly struggled with officers while being arrested.

Stade suffers from epilepsy and said the assault was the result of a seizure he was experiencing that was triggered by stress.

Stade was examined by a Las Vegas neurologist several months after the incident. He experienced a partial complex seizure during the exam, which the doctor said was most likely triggered by the bright lights of one of his instruments. It was the doctor's opinion that Stade's condition was more than likely responsible for the events as outlined in the police report.

Stade's seizures are said to be triggered by factors such as stress, bright lights and alcohol. Prosecutor Jace Zack said that while he is sympathetic to the defendant's condition, it is ultimately his responsibility to remove himself from situations in which he might harm another individual.

Stade said his epilepsy is caused by bilateral lesions on his brain, making them inoperable.

He has undergone surgery in which a neuro stimulator was implanted in his brain to treat but not cure the condition. He apologized for the incident before being sentenced by Judge Steven Conn as part of a plea deal reached with prosecutors and said he has since become a better person since the incident.

Stade was given credit for 19 days he spent in jail.