Letter: Walker, BOS would have worn red

I read with interest the article in the Feb 28 Miner regarding County Manager Ron Walker's decision to implement new policies regarding weapons and politicking on county property. If this were 1776, Mr. Walker and the entire Board of Supervisors would have been on the side of the British. If I recall my history correctly, those on the side of the British were considered traitors and either went back to England or were tried for treason. Sounds like that needs to be done again.

The entire Board of Supervisors, and their stooge, Ron Walker, do not live in the real world. "You People" put you all into office and "You People" are going to throw all of your rears out of office. We the people have every right to be on county property and hand out flyers for or against anyone we wish. Just because Walker is for John McCain is no reason to stop someone from handing out flyers against McCain.

As to Mervin Fried taking a pitchfork into the County Administration Building, it was very clear he simply wanted to make a point. Apparently, the BOS, those great history students, do not know about the "Pitchfork Rebellion." They keep trying to push the people down and they may actually find someone who really does want to stick a pitchfork up their butts. Mr. Fried was not that person.

I think our police have a lot more important work to do than to check that someone with a bumper sticker or campaign sign is actually on county business. Last I knew, this was still a free country and you could have any bumper sticker you wanted on your car or carry a campaign sign anywhere except to the voting booth. Now Walker wants to restrict bumper stickers and campaign signs. I guess if I walked into Mr. Walker's office and threw him the bird, I'd be arrested for having a deadly weapon.

Elections are coming, so don't get too carried away with new policies prohibiting the people from protesting what they feel is wrong. This is still a free country, at least for the next few days!

Sandee Samoska