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10:21 PM Thu, Jan. 17th

Letter: AZ senators don't care about reform

Well it looks as if our senators have represented us well again. The healthcare summit was quite informative in that our Arizona representation was the same as it always is. "Sorry citizens of Arizona, you do not deserve the right to buy into the same plans we do at the prices our legislators (and all of their aides, assistants and service people employed by us) do."

The insurance companies are now increasing premiums outrageously to get ahead of passage of a real bill, but our senators do not want to do anything to help the people who elect them. The one point they want - the ability to buy across all state lines - is another ploy by the insurance industry. Remember when the credit card companies got this lobbied through so they could all incorporate in the state with the most lax rules? Though the mandatory buy-in has been supported by them throughout the past 17 years (even co-sponsored by Grassley in 1993) this is now un-American as the people should have the right to negotiate their own coverage (as if there were any way under a blue moon you or I could do that).

It seems the new symbol of this obstructionism should be the NOGoat - Na-a-h, N-a-a-h, N-a-a-a-h. Just remember, legislators, that defeating this administration in order to retain your power is also defeating this country during a terrible time when we all need to pull together. We can start out of this recession with some progressive and aggressive plans to the future, but if we keep at the same old course and Washington ways of the status quo, we will rapidly fall behind the newly developing countries we must compete with.

Danny Baker