Letter: Is this what God meant for Kingman?

I have been looking for a place to move to and settle in for the twilight years of my life. Many months ago, I was drawn to Golden Valley and the Kingman area of Arizona. The openness and beauty was amazing. My inner self began to feel warm and fuzzy; I had finally found an end to my search.

As usual, for me, I began to investigate the surroundings and become informed of the overall "climate" of the social aspects of living in the Mohave County area. Unfortunately, I was amazed to see, read and observe how unprofessional and disrespectful the political figures (specifically a couple of the supervisors) and law enforcement personnel were to the general public.

I was planning to leave the Los Angeles area due to the completely out-of-control bigotry and special interest politics which run rampant in my area. Kingman, I thought, was devoid of that sort of elitism. Unfortunately, I find Mohave County is much worse than my area.

A couple of the "boys in charge" are flexing their muscles in a manner which reeks of arrogance and foul play as well as using their positions to create questionable laws to prevent the citizens from their rights.

Aren't we above all that anywhere in our country? Isn't there a way we can all, as Rodney King once stated, "just get along?"

When I consider the political atmosphere and arena I have observed from Mohave County officials, I can say for sure, I would never move into an area such as this to be denied my rights, be subject to the whims of out-of-control politicians or subjected to the unlawful, self-serving, uninformed activities your sheriff's department displays to its citizens.

Someone there really needs to educate the deputies on existing civil rights and current laws. After all, isn't that what they are being paid to enforce? Isn't that their job description?

How can you expect any public respect for an officer of the law when he/she appears to merely be an incompetent, uneducated, arrogant person wearing a uniform with a badge and gun at their side? Aren't they supposed to be the experts?

Or, as I fear is the case, are they just puppets for enacting the unlawful wants and demands of the politicians currently in office?

Mohave County, you have a beautiful community to live in. God left you one of the most picturesque areas I have seen.

Can't you see it in your consciences to get personal attitudes, egos and pompousness under control so life can once again become what God meant it to be in your area?

Mike Falletta,

Covina, Calif.