Letter: Legislature has had to do more with less

I'd like a chance to respond to the questioner who asked Gov. Brewer about cutting executive and legislative salaries in addition to state employee salaries at the Kingman Republican Forum on March 10.

The governor said the Legislature has exempted itself from pay cuts, but this is simply untrue. Elected officials' salaries can only be adjusted constitutionally. It is the voter's decision, not the Legislature, to determine our salary. We do, however, control our budget. In response to the budget, we have cut our operating expenses by $4 million in 2009, or 30 percent of our budget, which has had a tremendous impact on supplies and services. Further, we cut $2 million of our budget in 2010. Contrast this with the governor who increased her budget by $249,000 in 2009 and took no cut in 2010. In addition to our operating budget, the Legislature is taking a 5-percent reduction in staff salaries.

Make no mistake, we at the Legislature have had to do more with less, just like the rest of the public and private sectors.

Representative Doris Goodale

(R-District 3)