Sockwell says recall effort not a big concern

3,700 valid signatures needed

Tom Sockwell

Tom Sockwell

KINGMAN - Supervisor Tom Sockwell is only a little concerned about a Golden Valley resident's efforts to recall him from office. He plans to let the recall effort play out.

"There's nothing that I can really do about it now," Sockwell said.

Golden Valley resident Luca Zanna pulled paperwork to start a recall campaign against Sockwell on Monday. Zanna claims that Sockwell and several other county officials refused to return his phone calls about a county policy that prohibits distributing political information on county property.

Both Sockwell and Supervisor Gary Watson have said that they met with Zanna about the issue before Feb. 16.

"I don't know if they can do it," said Supervisor Buster Johnson.

"It's their right, but it's going to be a difficult task to collect all those signatures," Watson said.

Zanna will have to collect more than 3,700 valid signatures in order to place the issue on the ballot.

If he is successful, anyone who wanted to run against Sockwell in the election would have to immediately start collecting signatures to be placed on the ballot.

The earliest it could be on the ballot would be this fall.

It will more likely end up on the ballot in the spring of 2011, said Elections Director Allen Tempert.

According to the state constitution and Arizona Revised Statute 19-202, if the recall is put on the ballot and it fails, another effort could not be brought against Sockwell before the end of his term ... unless those pulling the paperwork for the second recall effort pay the cost of the first recall election.

The election, if it goes through would cost approximately $97,000, Tempert said.