All That's Needed Is Leadership

ark Borgard's recent editorial titled "One man's fear" is an interesting piece that skips along the surface of the most perplexing issue facing Mohave County residents to date.

Fear has been long studied and there are two responses once it is encountered -- "Flight or Fight".  In other words, run like hell for self preservation or confront its cause, no holds barred.  Circumstances often leave little time to ponder which.

It seems that our county manager is toying with both sides of that coin with his flurry of "after-the-fact" paperwork ("Fight") and now his disappearance ("Flight").  Maybe he's just on a job interview -- who knows?

However, it's no secret that I threw every ounce of support I could muster into the election of Gary Watson for BOS Dist. 1.  I was wholly convinced at that time that we would get some great leadership.

Now I'm left facing the fact that I made the biggest mistake of my life and literally wasted months of my time in that endeavor.

"With Reluctance" (his words), Gary throws his support behind this fiasco.

"With Reluctance? -- WITH RELUCTANCE??? -- Is that the best you can offer Gary?  Where is the leadership in this zoo?

I ask you again -- WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP???  Are you are going to continue to cower behind the coat-tails of Ron Walker?  Are you going to continue to allow this travesty of leadership to continue while making a mockery of this entire county before the world?  Relegating the people of this county to an identical plane with the peoples of third world countries clamoring for their right to be heard -- is that your true goal?

Residents of Kingman encountered this same totalitarian mindset some three years ago.  However, they convinced a misguided majority of city council members that "Flight" was the better part of valor.  They (council) recognized a "Fight" they could not win and they cut and ran.  A new council reinstated the "Call to the Public" to its rightful place at the very fore of the agenda and a peaceful calm has since reigned over those meetings.  End of turmoil !!!  The people's business within the city is now conducted in largely quiet serenity.  The same can be had within the county's chambers.

Mr. Watson, you are grudgingly supporting a fight you cannot win if you continue this trampling of basic rights assured by both the United States and Arizona Constitutions and state statutes.

Step up and propose and agendize for a vote of the Board of Supervisors, the implementation of a "Call to the Public" at the start of every Board and Commission meeting held in this county.

Step up and provide some "Real Leadership" in this nonsense and shed your "Reluctance" cloak.  It is extremely shabby attire, Gary.

To "Take on the People" is a fight you can never hope to win.  Not you -- Not Ron Walker -- Not Tom Sockwell -- Not Buster Johnson -- Not any elected or appointed official.

There are those demanding apologies -- and to them I say, "Hogwash".  I, and hopefully many others, instead demand leadership -- not reactionary backlash.  True leadership finds a way to encourage participation, enable collaboration and seek common solutions -- not issue dictates while sequestered behind a barricaded fortress.

Can this Board of Supervisors provide that -- Or Not?  That is the true question here.

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