Letter: The Color of Authority

When a policeman uses his badge for personal gain, he either gets reprimanded or fired because it's against the law. When a politician or an official in the government uses his office and power to publicly try and destroy a resident personally, where are the laws against that? Why is it that County Manager Ron Walker can make up rules and laws as he goes along to protect himself and the Board of Supervisors from what they have said about a resident of Mohave County?

When the residents gather to talk about what is happening in this county and discuss the Constitution in front of the county building, we become the criminals! When elected and appointed officials of this county reference a law-abiding resident as equal to Timothy McVeigh publicly, it puts his whole family at risk, all under the Color of Authority. Where are the laws against this? If something tragic did happen to this resident's family, would the county officials be held accountable? Or do they think they are above the law? Then there are the new rules and laws written by Walker and County Attorney Bob Taylor and their statement that "elected senators and representatives will continue to be able to use our facilities to report to the people on legislation and issues." Wow, what a mouthful! The key word is issues! What happens if their issue is campaigning or re-election? What if the issue is to destroy a law-abiding citizen publicly?

Have you noticed that residents or citizens never get mentioned once in these new laws, except for all the laws you will be breaking if you don't "Get in, sit down, shut up." Every rule or law that is made by this county takes away more and more rights from the citizens and residents, and insulates the people in power from the citizens and their ideas! Under Mr. Walker's new laws, if the wife and I stop to talk, or if I talk to anybody in the county parking lot, it's considered a gathering. And if somebody thinks that we are there to incite a riot, we can go to jail! The BOS just keeps supporting Walker and his ideas.

With the arrogance that Walker shows toward the county residents and with the new laws being brought into play to squelch a situation that he and the BOS created, his attitude that if you don't like my new laws, change them in court is pure elitism! What new situation will create the next emergency laws, a gathering at a parade, a Fourth of July picnic, a birthday party, or two people talking in Wal-Mart? Please stop and think about the freedoms you are losing on a daily basis because of a government that is afraid of its own citizens. "We the People" can change this! Let your voice be heard! Speak up, speak often and then vote!

Wayne Smith,