Kingman tops in census returns

47 percent have sent back forms; county rate is 39

KINGMAN - Out of the three cities in Mohave County, Kingman has returned the most census forms to the federal government. According to the Census Web site, as of Thursday, 47 percent of the census forms received by households in the Kingman area were returned. Lake Havasu City has returned 44 percent and Bullhead City has returned 36 percent.

The Census did not have information on the number of forms returned from the Golden Valley area, but the county has a 39-percent return rate and the state has a 24-percent rate.

All three cities, the county and the state are exceeding the national participation rate of 20 percent.

According to the Census Web site, in 2000, approximately 72 percent of households that received a census form returned it. That same year, only 60 percent of Mohave County residents returned a form.

"This year's census is critical for both the state and Mohave County," said Census Partnership Specialist Gail Sadler. The increase in population since 2000 could mean two more county supervisors for Mohave County, two more representatives to Congress for the state and millions in grants for local communities.

Nearly every grant organization uses census data to calculate the need of a community, Sadler said. The state and federal government use census data to determine how much tax revenue comes back to a community.

The county could lose as much as $1,300 in grant funds for each person not counted, something that will impact the county for 10 years, she said.

Census workers are expected to start knocking on doors in May to collect information from residents who have not returned a form.