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5:05 AM Fri, Oct. 19th

Positive vs. negative an observation of unbalanced responses..

It seems that if someone achieves success or does something positive, it may receive one or two comments, seldom more than that. Yet, if it's something that deepens our division as a community, the comments flow so freely and often incite further negativity beyond the original level.

Shouldn't it be opposite of this phenomena? Shouldn't it be the people that inspire us to be better and advance or lead by example that we feel compelled to comment on?

This week alone, and its only midweek, I've seen Mr. T.O Holland turn 100 years old, an achievement I hope all of you reading reaches. He made comments of how he lived so long and actively with some wonderful and inspiring comments made by a mind that even after a century still is fresh and viable.

How many retorted any comment? One (a relative of his).

I see over and over KHS athletes and students reaching higher levels in sports and academia again inspiring stories on every level and they are barely acknowledged in the comment section.

Now on the other side a recall effort against Mr. Sockwell is launched and weeks later it's still getting new comments daily, over 50 at last count.

Someone steals a welder, again its commented over and over. You can see these examples of ignoring the positive and focusing the negative everywhere, in the opinion sections across the country, restaurants and I'm sure in the homes around us.

This is a trend that MUST be reversed; it only breeds contempt and causes damage to us all. Our children will accept it as normal thinking then it will grow and truly become daily life.

People used to care for each other, help and support each other, look for ways to improve the neighborhood and community. I'm only 42 years old and I remember seeing the older generation sweeping sidewalks, theirs and neighbors.

They looked out for each other, I just read about the dogs that had to be euthanized. That didn't happen over the weekend (the conditions there). Did anyone talk to him or see as this grew into a death sentence for over two dozen dogs? I'm not trying to compound the negative, I'm trying compel all of us to work together, and look for positive venues for all this energy we seem to have for embracing the negative.

How do you think a high school athlete or academic team feels when very few people even notice their hard work and achievement? How far would they go with all of us behind them? The current negative trend extends far beyond Kingman and our borders. It would be wonderful if we could be the example our children deserve to have in their lives.

To acknowledge only what is harmful and negative is the true meaning of wasted time. To embrace what inspires us to do and be better as individuals and as a community is our duty.

We have many freedoms and not even imagined in other regions of the world and to let them go unappreciated and taken for granted would make then meaningless gestures without merit.

I have myself in the past been of that same mindset of ignoring what should have inspired me while embracing things that held no mention of benefiting anyone or myself in anyway. I'm no longer subscribing to this and I feel it's my duty to inspire through any way possible others to do the same. Take a minute to congratulate the KHS students who work hard in every area, come out to game. Post a friendly comment to Mr. Holland who has spent a century "of good living and hard work" and if after you do that you still feel you need to enter the ring of negativity, then go ahead. But I bet you feel better after the positive things and drained after the negative.

I don't even know if anyone will ever read this. Only time will tell. I will continue to post as long as the editor of the kdm feels it worthy of posting. I'm hoping that as my blog here evolves so will the way we all think and act in our community ( me included) to do more to lead and inspire by example and show everyone how far a positive mental attitude can advance us all.

I read that the only thing in life we have absolute and complete control of is our own mind and mental attitude. That's a very powerful realization to have. It has inspired me in ways I could not possibly cover here in one post, I will however as this continues do my best to represent what this has done in my life and all I've seen it do in others. I will at times mention books and programs I have gained from. Also implore you to seek out the wisdom that's available and where to find it. And always remember Napoleon Hill said WHATEVER THE MIND CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE THE MIND CAN ACHIEVE. I conceive and believe we can inspire the best in ourselves and each other and with definite of purpose I'm going to my best to achieve it every day.

T. Curtis