Transportation planning starts

KINGMAN - The Arizona Department of Transportation is beginning a study to develop a long-range transportation plan for the city of Kingman. The plan will recommend multimodal transportation improvements for planning periods of 5, 10, and 20 years.

The study is being funded by the ADOT Planning Assistance for Rural Areas program, and will analyze current and projected growth in the Kingman and neighboring portions of Mohave County, documenting the ongoing transportation needs and identifying potential transportation improvements.

According to ADOT spokeswoman Michele Beggs, multimodal transportation is an important component of the city's transportation system as populations continue to increase and as more motorists continue to drive on the current roadway systems. Multimodal transit combines alternative modes of transportation including personal vehicle, public transportation, bicycles and pedestrians into one system. The plan will include tools that the city can use to accommodate future growth and development.

The study will be a collaborative process between ADOT, the city of Kingman, Mohave County, and other local, regional, and federal agencies. Two public meetings will be scheduled with one anticipated for July and another in the fall to gather public input. This input will help guide the study team through the process by identifying the needs of the community.

For more information, contact Beggs at Project information is also available online at