Kingman woman survives fire at home

KINGMAN - A 66-year-old woman and her dog escaped a house fire Tuesday morning with nothing more serious than singed clothing.

Engines from Kingman Fire and Northern Consolidated Fire departments responded to the fire around 5 a.m. at a double-wide mobile home in the 5000 block of Scotty Drive. According KFD, the woman was sitting on her couch with a laptop when she leaned over to blow out a candle. The candle caught the oxygen from her breathing tube on fire. The fire quickly spread to the couch and then to the wall.

The woman was able to escape to a neighbor's house with her dog and call the fire department.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the living and dining rooms. The fire caused more than $1,200 in damage.

The woman is currently staying with a neighbor.