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9:23 PM Sun, Dec. 09th

Letters:Legalize God and outlaw illegal aliens

In the beginning, God created man; then man created a variety of gods. As the years passed, the son of man came to redeem man from the sins of a fallen man, and in return, He was scourged, spit upon and smitten.

In a country that was founded by Christians, it has become unlawful to pray or speak of Christ, and it's politically incorrect to speak of the values this country was founded upon. It is far more socially acceptable to speak of "gay marriage" than to speak of either religion or politics. Even the Pledge of Allegiance has fallen under attack for the phase, "One nation, under God," and our beloved flag gets burned by its own citizens in a protest over rights that many of those citizens have never earned by putting their lives on the line for their fellow citizens.

In dark hours, religious zealots protest the funerals of our warriors and citizens show the degradation that has taken place within our communities across this nation. Now, our nation struggles with the invasion of vast amounts of illegal people that claim to be emigrants. In reality, they only want to take and take and protest for rights that should only belong to true citizens of this great nation.

As a veteran of war and a defender of this nation for more than half of my life, I protested the protesters and drew the line. On May 5, I raised my flag in such a way that it declared our country is in distress. My flag will fly upside down until our leaders decide that our land is ours and that it is worth saving for future Americans.

Arthur Jones