Our kids need help

It seems like every time I look around, there's a group of kids here in Kingman looking for help with their sports program. After they reach out, I always hear about how the great people of Kingman stepped up and gave generously.

It's not any different Tuesday, when we cast our ballots regarding Proposition 100. Should the measure pass for the temporary 1-percent sales tax increase, two-thirds of the money raised is to benefit the primary and secondary schools in Arizona. School districts across the state won't have to make as hard of cuts in their educational budgets, and that includes sports.

Sports play a major role in education. Sports teach our kids to compete, sacrifice for the greater good, and leadership. Highfalutin colleges such as Stanford, Duke and Yale understand the importance of sports to the college experience. Even Massachusetts Institute of Technology sports 29 teams, including football.

Can we Arizonans really afford to not pass this measure? We already rank in the bottom five in per-pupil spending in the country. Really? This is madness, and it needs to stop.

I've heard constant complaints about how President Obama's healthcare is putting mountains of debt upon the shoulders of our children. If we as a state, one that spends little on our children's education, cut more money from education, then how do we expect our children to pay for those mountains of debt? Our children won't get the education they deserve, but we're going to want them to pay down debt? How are they going to do that?

When our children receive a quality education, we all benefit. Even those without children. Our doctors, police officers, firefighters all need education, and we need them. Where will our society be when the numbers of these types of workers start to diminish? If we don't pass Prop. 100, we can look back on May 18, 2010, and say that's when it started.

What really gets to me is how when times get tough, those against Prop. 100 have looked at expenditures geared to better our children as a place to save money. My reality is that it's the last

place I look. It wouldn't be fun, but I'd easily sacrifice some steak dinners if it means my daughter continues to get her education needs met.

I'd even sacrifice some extravagances if it means your child gets their needs met.

In the end, it comes down to how we treat our children. If their needs can be easily cast aside, it doesn't say much about us here in Arizona. Don't you think we've been beaten up enough lately?