Column: Arizona looks to claim California's 'crazy' title

Well, you've got to respect Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer even if you think she's on meth. She certainly has grit, as evidenced by her willingness to completely cripple business and government in The Grand Canyon State in order to get elected in November.

Her approval ratings are up, a big surprise in our bright red state, but I still can't see the wisdom behind her decisions. Somebody needs to get that law-signing pen out her hand, Pronto! Lord knows what she'll sign into law next week.

It really is a shame that cities across the country are boycotting our state. I suspect that most folks agree with Arizona's stand against illegal immigration.

While I believe the Legislature and Brewer should have waited to enact such a controversial law, at least until we are out of the red financially, I (secretly) applaud the action. I'm so sick of watching politicians do nothing of substance year after year.

What I can't understand is why California is so upset. They constructed barriers to keep the illegals out of their state, where the heck did they think they'd go? After Texas did the same thing, the illegals were forced to enter through Arizona. Maybe when we catch them here, we should ship them to California. I hear they love illegals.

While California has always been crazy, I'm starting to think that Arizona just might be crazier. This state is a complete paradox. The Republicans rule here, so you would think the laws would reflect the GOP's conservative platform of small government and individual rights. Unfortunately, the laws don't bear that out.

A good example is Arizona's laws on marijuana. It breaks my heart to see an 18-year-old kid with a felony conviction on his permanent record because he was caught with a joint. No one seems to care in this state that his life is ruined because he was caught doing what I suspect more than a majority of people here do on a regular basis.

Arizona is chock full of hypocrites, and I guess those hypocrites sometimes find their way to elected positions. That's the only way it can be explained.

How can a state care so much about guns and so little about children and young adults?

Tuesday's vote to raise the sales tax a cent is another example of caring little about our kids. They say two-thirds of the money will go to schools. I doubt that claim, but even if it turns out to be true, why in the world is school funding such a low priority that it has to be part of a proposition to suck more money out of people's wallets?

Wasn't there anything else that could have been cut instead of school funding? Maybe they thought that was the only way they could get folks to vote for it. They tell us, "Do it for the kids." I could say the same to them. What have you done for our kids other than throwing them in jail?

I see the same thing with these Border Patrol checkpoints. Arizona allows the federal government to set up these bogus checkpoints a hundred miles inside our border, then allows them to do unlawful searches and almost assuredly racial profiling to "protect" us from illegals.

They have dogs there to look for drugs, unless they've somehow been trained to sniff out illegals, then they ask you where you came from and where you're going.

I guess I haven't been in this state long enough to know where we've come from, but I certainly know where we're going.