Where to vote, what to bring

KINGMAN - The list of polling places in Sunday's edition of the Miner were incorrect. The correct polling places for today's special election in Kingman are as follows:

Precinct 15, Hualapai: First Southern Baptist Church, 3120 Hualapai Mountain Road

Precinct 19, East Kingman: Moose Lodge, 302 Monroe St.

Precinct 20, Southern: Praise Chapel, 419 Harrison St.

Precinct 24, Sierra: Connection Point Church, 4435 N. Shadow Road

Precinct 62, Camelback: Nazarene Church, 4715 Stockton Hill Road

Precinct 66, Long Mountain: Calvary Baptist Church, 3575 Schaeffer Ave.

Combined precincts

Precincts 3, 11, & 40: Mohave Community College, 1971 Jagerson Ave.

Precincts 14 & 6: First Assembly of God Church, 1850 Gates Ave.

Precincts 16, 22, & 51: St. Johns United Methodist Church, 1730 Kino Ave.

Precincts 18 & 17: St. Mary's Roman Catholic Parish Center, 302 E Spring St.

Precincts 38 & 58: Kingman Presbyterian Church, 2425 Detroit Ave.

If you're unsure of your precinct number, call (928) 753-0767 or visit the Secretary of State's Voter Information Center at https://voter.azsos.gov/VoterView/Home.do.

Voters in today's election will be determining two things. The first is a statewide referendum on whether or not to pass a three-year, 1-cent sales tax increase, which appears on the ballot as Proposition 100. The increase has been proposed by Governor Jan Brewer as a way to preserve millions of dollars in funding slated to be cut from statewide K-12 education, as well as health and human services and public safety.

The tax increase is set to automatically expire on May 31, 2013. Only a two-thirds supermajority vote of the Legislature or another voter referendum would allow it to continue past that date, the former of which is extremely unlikely, given that the current Legislature has already refused to pass the very increase that led Brewer to propose today's ballot initiative.

That's the only thing most voters in the state will be deciding on, but here in Kingman voters will also have a say in who they want to see on the City Council for the next four years. Voters will have two choices to make from among the four candidates: incumbent Ray Lyons, Planning and Zoning Commissioner Allen Mossberg, and newcomers Erin Cochran and Dick Anderson.

Today is also technically the election for Kingman Mayor, but with no competition or write-in alternatives on the ballot, John Salem is all but assured of a second term in office.

State law requires all voters to present identification at the polling place, with different requirements based on the content of the ID given. Voters can show either a single form of photo ID with name and address, such as a driver license or non-operator's license, or two pieces of ID with name and address, but no photo. These can include valid Arizona vehicle registration, a utility bill dated within 90 days of the election, or an Arizona property tax statement of the voter's residence.

Voters can also present a photo ID with a non-current address, so long as they bring a second form of ID that shows their name and current address. For a full list of valid ID, visit http://www.co.mohave.az.us/ContentPage.aspx?id=118&cid=143.

Voters who cannot produce valid ID on Election Day can still fill out a provisional ballot. They will then have three business days to provide proper ID to the County Recorder's Office, at which point their ballot will be processed.