Game & Fish graduates eleven hunter education instructors

KINGMAN - In an effort to bolster the staff of volunteer hunter education instructors around the state, the Arizona Game and Fish Department is holding a number of new instructor classes.

Recently, the department held a three-day training session in Kingman for 11 people who had signed up to take the 22-hour course. Teaching the class were hunter education coordinators Dave Williams, Mark Quigley and Mike Raum.

They are responsible for conducting a lot of the department's training programs, in addition to their hunter education responsibilities.

The training for these new instructors was intense. According to Quigley, the new instructors were subject to a variety of training.

"They were taught public policy and procedures, plus basic teaching techniques." Quigley said.

The volunteers were also taught about laws and regulations, and each one is now certified to be a bow hunting instructor, something that wasn't offered to instructors in years past.

With the department now offering the online courses and field days, the volunteers learned how to conduct these classes, and on the last day of their instruction, actually conducted one of the classes with a sportsman from Bullhead City.

Six of the new instructors will be assigned to a hunter education team in Kingman.

The new instructors include Scott Snay, Matt Snay, Chris Hendricks, Casey Fessenden, Bob Shaw, Robert Jorgenson and Robert Rodriguez.