Letter: The stakes are too high

On July 11, 1961, Edward Hunter, creator of the term "brainwashing," testified before a congressional subcommittee on the following Communist tactic: "We shall witness a seemingly spontaneous outpouring of articles and persuasions of every character, that will arise all along the fringe of the communications field ... penetrating all channels of the press and all attitude-changing segments of our society. The pro- and anti-Communist leanings of the participants will have nothing to do with the case, as seen from the surface.

"The Communist Party organs will set the key. Orchestration will gradually spread from one section of the orchestra to the other until all will be playing the same music, in a rising crescendo. This is the Red technique, to make the pressure of what will appear as public opinion so relentless and so loud that everybody will begin to dance to the same tune, and those who don't want to dance will be grabbed by their friends and neighbors ... by then, nobody will be thinking about who called the tune in the first place."

We are seeing a textbook example of this Communist psychological-warfare technique in the recent nationwide barrage of complaints against Arizona's new legislation concerning illegal immigration. What are the odds that every voice will seize on the theme of "Nazi profiling?" and that this should incorporate an historically incorrect statement: The Jewish victims in that case were law-abiding citizens of Germany, while the new Arizona law targets those who not only aren't citizens but have broken the law by coming across the border illegally. If you want an example of profiling in America, remember that during World War II President Roosevelt ordered all American-born citizens of Japanese descent on the West Coast to be summarily picked up and incarcerated in concentration camps, surrounded by barbed wire! Many of these law-abiding citizens lost their small farms and businesses because of this shameful act.

In 2006, Rep. Ed Royce (D-California) pointed out that some of the people sneaking over our borders are members of terrorist organizations like Hezballah. As reported in the Dec. 31, 2001, issue of "The New American" magazine, "a federal counterterrorism official ... claimed that Middle Eastern terrorists just walk across the Arizona border. They just blend in with the illegal immigrants from Mexico, pretending to speak Spanish."

Arizona has drawn a line in the sand. Posturing and bullying boycotts will change nothing. The stakes are too high.

Angela Bryce