Groups say they have collected enough signatures

KINGMAN - Members of several local animal rescue organizations have more than enough signatures to place the revisions of the county's kennel ordinances on the March or May ballot, but they are continuing to collect signatures.

The Board of Supervisors approved the changes to the kennel ordinances on Oct. 4. A number of animal rescue organizations, kennel owners and pet owners have expressed concern that the changes will make it too expensive to run a kennel in Mohave County. Others have claimed that the changes are capricious and do not protect the health of the animals.

Hillarie Allison, the founder of Rescue Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation, said more than 4,900 signatures have been gathered to put the item on the ballot. The organizations needed signatures from more than 4,600 registered voters and are trying to collect more than 5,000 signatures.

The organizations have until Nov. 16 to deliver the signatures to the Elections and Voter Registration departments.

Meanwhile, there will be one less Board of Supervisors meeting per month in 2011.

The Board approved moving to only one meeting a month next year instead of the two they hold now by a unanimous vote Monday.

Board Chair Buster Johnson suggested that with the short agendas and meetings the Board had been having for the last few months, it might be better to have just one meeting a month.

District II Supervisor Tom Sockwell said he was not opposed to the idea, as long as the Board could call another meeting if things started to get backlogged.

Watson expressed concern about the idea.

"I really hate to move from our past schedule. I can appreciate that you (Johnson and Sockwell) have to travel, but I'd really like to keep it to two meetings," Watson said. In the end, Watson said he voted for the change in order to bring the issue back before the Board at a later date.