Convict OKs deal to testify in home invasions trial

Neil Cannon

Neil Cannon

KINGMAN - A 21-year-old man has agreed to testify against two others in a deal that won't add any time to a previous prison sentence.

Neil Cannon was one of six men charged in a series of home invasions that took place March 15,  2009. Two of the men have already been sentenced to prison for their roles while the others, including Cannon, awaited trial.

The trial for the alleged ringleader from that night, Chad Weitherow, began last month. Cannon has now agreed to testify against Weitherow and co-defendant Jessie Padilla, who still awaits trial. In a deal reached with Prosecutor Doug Camacho, Cannon was sentenced Friday to 7.5 years in prison for one count of burglary in exchange for his testimony and the dismissal of more than 30 other counts.

The sentence will run concurrent with the 7.5 years Cannon received in September for the January 2009 armed robbery of the Circle K on Kingman Avenue, meaning he won't receive any additional time for the home invasions.

Cannon's friend, Mark McLennan, is currently serving a combined 21-year prison sentence for his role in the home invasions and the Circle K robbery two months earlier, in which Cannon was caught on surveillance footage pointing a shotgun at the clerk. The robbery netted the two less than $100 and a stock of lottery tickets.

Cannon will also testify against Padilla, who entered into a similar deal to testify against his co-defendants but then fled to New Mexico last year. He was found several months later and extradited back to Mohave County, where his original charges were reinstated.