Letter: Why is BOS against a hat?

We were at the Board of Supervisors meeting again today (Nov. 1) and again my husband was denied access to the auditorium (Taj Mahal). He has tried to abide by the BOS rules of "no wearing of hats or scarves, unless for religious or medical reasons." He has a prescription from his doctor saying, "Patient should wear a cap because of headaches." When I approached Supervisor Buster Johnson and asked if my husband would be allowed into the meeting, he said there was nothing that said my husband should wear a cap. I showed him the prescription and what it said, and he said he didn't care. My husband was not going to get around their bylaws like that.

Security had already set a chair and a screen in the lobby for my husband so he could see what was happening in the meeting. What is so scary about my husband wearing a cap? He wears one all the time at home so his head doesn't get cold from the air-conditioning.

I think the BOS forget they were elected to represent We the People and that We the People pay their salaries. I remember 20 years ago when the BOS met in the old building. Johnson came to the meeting in jeans that looked like they needed washing, with his shirt hanging out. No one bothered him then. Why is he bothered about a little cap on my husband's head?

Gloria P. Williams

Golden Valley