Letter: GV Fire board minutes are revealing

Kudos to Sherri Borden for speaking up against the Golden Valley Fire Board and especially against Chief Hewitt. I have not been a resident in this valley for many years like most of the residents who reside out here have. I, too, also obtained the minutes from the past board meeting and was appalled by decisions made by the board in favor of Hewitt on the overpayment of the captains. The board talked about an article in the Miner regarding salaries for Kingman fire captains. Well, my question is: Why is the chief so eager to cut pay to overpaid employees when he refuses to reveal to the public how he had the board give him a pay raise? I'm sorry, but you have been a chief for how long? Less than a year from what I have read on your website.

So let's get this straight, Golden Valley, just so we are all on the same page. Firefighters who actually put their lives on the line get a cut in pay. I honestly don't see drastic changes for the better of Golden Valley that would warrant a raise. I see a major problem with this whole situation.

Also, the public needs to know how the chiefs use company vehicles for personal use, and yes, I said personal use. I have seen for myself a Golden Valley chief's truck at Home Depot on a off-day loaded with landscape material. All I could do is shake my head in shame. There have been reports of seeing the same trucks in the Laughlin/Bullhead area on off-duty hours with family in tow in the vehicles. There are also sightings of one of the chiefs during election time, in the company vehicle and in uniform, erecting election signs. Wouldn't that be considered a conflict of interest? Does the board know this is going on? Do they care?

I challenge the chief to show the board in a public meeting the same comparison of chiefs' pay with the same exact fire departments he used with the captains' pay. If the Golden Valley Fire Board continues to aid the chief in running our fire department into the ground, then as taxpayers and concerned citizens of this valley, our only recourse would be to start a recall petition of the board and maybe elect a board that is actually for Golden Valley and the firefighters who serve and protect us.

Krista Castro

Golden Valley